Dometic Büttner MT 340FLQ Kit


This FLAT LIGHT Q complete system was specially developed for camper vans and vans. The two ultra-flat, ultra-light 170-watt solar panels take up very little space on the roof. Thanks to the square design, the entire width of the vehicle can be used to generate electricity. The charging power is easily enough to operate a compressor refrigerator or inverter independently.

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Ultra flat and ultra light – ideal for camper vans, vans, high roofs and pop-up roofs Solar module can be fully walked on when laid flat Ready-to-install complete system (including solar controller and complete installation accessories) Square design (980 x 980 mm) – the entire vehicle width is used High daily output – e.g. for the self-sufficient operation of compressor refrigerators and inverters Self-cleaning, highly transparent top layer protects against extreme weather conditions Solar module is firmly glued to the vehicle roof (theft-proof)

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Dimensions1080 cm